Community Playbook


 Service to others

  • Provide community service in the city of New Brunswick.
    • Translators for Back to School Night
    • Assist teachers during SEL Meetings
    • Peer Tutoring
    • Running stations for NB Youth during Ciclovia
    • Wrapping party for holiday gifts
    • Assisting the HUB Teen Center on various city activities
    • Working with the elderly
  • Provide community service in the state of New Jersey.
    • Special Olympics- Soccer, Bocce, Basketball, Track and Field, Bowling, Fall Games and Summer Games.
    • McCourty Twins Embrace Kids Foundation Heel to Heal Walk
    • Rutgers Big Chill Volunteers
    • Embrace Kids Foundation Holiday Party
    • New Jersey Community Food Bank
  • Run New Brunswick’s Play Unified Program
    • Creating opportunities for students with and without disabilities to come together.
    • Facilitate workshops that High School and Woodrow Leadership Councils partake in.
    • Oversee Leadership Council and Leadership Club events and activities.
    • Oversee biweekly Rec Night Out events for students to participate in.